Electric fireplace brings new opportunities for China's economy

As a new heating and heat source supply equipment developed in recent years, electric boiler has the advantages of no hazardous substances emission due to the safety and health of the customer end, and in particular its appearance has filled the gas fireplace in areas without natural gas or insufficient supply of natural gas Market is blank.

As a clean and environmentally friendly heat source is also other heat source equipment can not be replaced, although the electric boiler market is not long, market consumption awareness gradually matured, steady growth.

Electric boiler is based on clean energy as a heating source, with a clean, environmentally friendly. Is the best replacement of traditional coal heating products. Electric boiler compared with the gas boiler to be smaller, then occupy a relatively small space, electric boiler can be installed in the kitchen, gas boiler can be installed in a well-ventilated place.

According to the current market conditions, limited natural gas resources, natural gas supply in many cities in November is still vivid in many cities, the recent gas shortage comeback, which will bring a big gas market boiler market test, a lot of Users of gas fireplace are now considering a trend to retrofit electric boiler. Relatively sufficient power resources to expand the larger market, but also for consumers to bring a comfortable environment and a high quality of life.

According to the user installation environment, there are open-type electric boiler, closed electric boiler, as well as heating and bathing two electric boilers to choose from;

Central heating in the northern part of our country indeed occupies a considerable share. With the acceleration of urbanization and the existence of many problems of central heating, as heating needs extend to the south, heating diversification is overwhelming. Electricity boiler because of clean, intelligent and human high level of potential to meet the needs of individuals is obvious, sudden emergence is only a matter of time.

At present, due to the technical cognition difference of electric boiler industry, there are a great variety of products, so that consumers can not make correct decisions when choosing products. If they can not be correctly installed and used, their functions can also be effectively exerted.

Electric boiler design, in addition to meet the heating needs of the thermal energy supply space but also to meet the user's use of features, how to guide consumers correct selection of their own models is an important part. Reasonable guidance on consumption and proper installation can give full play to the use of electric boiler effect, which requires industry self-regulation, the media involved in active publicity, but also a long-term work.

Electric boiler is relatively new industry. In product promotion and after-sales service has its own particularity.