How to clean drinking fountains filter

First soak into warm water inside, after a few minutes with a hard towel wrapped firmly screwed down. Thread direction and the direction of the thread of our general cup the same. This filter dispenser filter is generally used for three years .So, Replacement of the cartridge for three or almost three years should be made in such a way that the filter element and the sediment of the heating / cooling compartment should be cleaned on time.

Cleaning filter:

1 . Separating the upper and lower sections of the filter, while flushing the upper filter (ceramic) with clean tap water, brush the filter surface with a fresh,

2 . When the filter cartridge is installed about half a pot of tap water, shake the filter cartridge up and down several times, pour the remaining water back and forth several times to make the filter cartridge clear.

3 . Fill the lower filter with running water, flatten the mouth with the palm up and down, shake the lower filter, and make the tap water clean the filter material. Repeat several times until the tap water flowing from the lower filter is clear.

Clean the heating / cooling chamber: the clear water installed in the drinking fountains on the container (not full), unscrew the drainage plug, with a basin to catch the water flowing out of the drain hole, repeated several times.